This document defines the general rules for the use of sport facilities in LORCA GOLF COURSE (LGC from now on) to all users of the same. LGC may change some of these terms of use without notice.

1. Golf Course Rules

  • To play on the golf course you should have a valid Spanish Federation License, with handicap, maximum 26 in gentlemen and 34 in ladies and children, or permission from the pro of the course.
  • In the case of foreign players who are not owners of a Spanish license, they should provide proof of their current license and handicap, within the limitations before said and pay a daily accident insurance every time they use the course.
  • If the staff of LGC observes that the handicap the player has does not correspond to the reflected in the daily insurance receipt, he may be asked to leave the course, losing the amount of the green fee and other services in full.
  • The place to start will be: white tee for professional players, yellow tees for gentlemen, blue tees for professional ladies and red tees for ladies and juniors.
  • The green fee payment will be made in the Pro-Shop, and always before playing the course.
  • Sportsmanship and respect is required for the use of the facilities and both the fulfillment of norms of the field and the recommendations and informative notes that are exposed in LGC.
  • Please comply with the rules of golf, especially with regard to the rules of etiquette.
  • Any improper conduct on the course shall be communicated to the staff of LGC or if necessary in writing to the direction of the Golf Course.
  • In order to establish a proper order on the use of the course, no player may start the game other than at holes 1 and 10, being hole 10 an exclusive decision of the direction of the golf course and never of a player or players.
  • It is forbidden to enter the course from the adjacent properties to start a game. It is prohibited to skip one or more holes of the course.
  • It is forbidden to reprimand conduct directly to employees or golf course staff and disrespect them.
  • The local golf rules of LRGC are available on the score cards, and possible variations on information boards.
  • Opening hours of the facilities and the possible variations will be posted on information boards and notified appropriately for your knowledge.
  • It is forbidden to play the course with driving range balls, the player may be expelled from the golf course losing all contracted services if he violates this rule and the management of LGC decides so.
  • Each player should have his own bag of clubs being strictly forbidden that two or more players share the same bag.
  • When you purchase an 18-hole green fee it is understood that you should play all holes in a row, not being able to play the first 9 and leave the rest for later.
  • You are only allowed to go on the golf course if you are a player or are accompanying them. Any person accompanying players must observe the same dress code as them.
  • No pets are allowed onto the course nor the facilities.

2. Driving Range Rules

  • Players can only practice in the areas specifically designated for that purpose.
  • The driving range balls are property of LGC, and may not be used other than at the driving range and not even on the putting green.
  • Please respect the areas reserved for classes.
  • The mats must be used at all times to hit balls.
  • You are not allowed to use driving range nor putting green if it isn’t to practice or even if you are, if you are not dressed according to the dress code. Access is only allowed to people accompanying children going to practice, provided they are dressed according to the dress code.

3. Rules for the use of golf cars and trolleys for rent

  • Golf cars and trolleys for rent will be reserved in the Pro-Shop Club House and are always used on the golf course upon payment in the Pro-shop.
  • The golf car is recommended to circulate as much as possible on the roads, respecting at all times signs, indications and limitations of the course.
  • On special occasions the use of the golf cars will be limited exclusively to the roads and the rough.
  • Golf cars are only available for players over 16 years.
  • Only two players and two bags are allowed per golf car.
  • The use of the golf car will be exclusive responsibility of the user. LGC will require disciplinary and economic responsibilities to whom give an improper use of them.
  • It is prohibited to engage in speed races or risky maneuvers with them, entering unsuitable areas, such as excessive sloping hillsides or areas with abundant vegetation, endangering its stability, bringing them too close to the lakes.
  • Private golf cars are not allowed on the course of LGC, unless expressly authorized by the Golf Department.
  • The golf car will be used exclusively within golf facilities, not being allowed under any circumstances to go out on the public road.
  • Rental trolleys should avoid going onto tees and collars and respect at all times the signs of the course.
  • When finishing the game they should be left in the same place they were taken, the player will be liable to disciplinary and economic damages incurred by misuse or abuse.

4. Etiquette and play

Dress code

  • It is obligatory to use golf shoes with rubber spikes on the golf course. It is only allowed to use sneakers on the driving range
  • Socks should always be worn, both in the golf course and the driving range.
  • Pants must be appropriate for playing golf. Jeans and tracksuits are totally forbidden.
  • If shorts are used they must be suitable for playing golf. Sport pants and bathing suits are prohibited.
  • Shirts must have collars and sleeves. Football or rugby shirts are not allowed. In the driving range collarless shirts are allowed provided they are long-sleeved.
  • The ladies are allowed to use sleeveless shirts / tops with collar or without collar provided they have sleeves.

Playing the course

  • To speed up the game, a two players game takes precedence over a three and four players game, so they should give way.
  • A single player game is not a game, so it should to give way to a two, three or four players game.
  • Whenever LGC considers it appropriate, other players, with similar handicaps (if possible) will be added to groups with less than 4 players, to complete the game.
  • It is obligatory to rake the bunkers, replace the divots in the fairways and repair pitch-marks on the greens.
  • Players must be at their tee 10 minutes before the reservation time.
  • It is forbidden to use mobile phones on the golf course, except in case of emergency.
  • It is strictly forbidden to collect balls that are off-limits, in places of difficult access, dry river beddings, lakes, or that may endanger the physical integrity of the player, such as lakes, fences or construction sites.
  • It is strictly forbidden to collect balls that have fallen into private gardens or properties.
  • Please respect these rules set to achieve greater fluency in the game and proper maintenance of our facilities.

5. Tournaments.

  • All players in possession of the federal license and handicap maximum 26 in gentlemen and 34 in ladies and children, or with the permission of the sponsor / organizer of the event, are allowed to play the tournaments.
  • Players without Spanish license can play tournaments with the consent of the club and not opting to any prize.
  • Once the closing date for registration of a tournament, any player that without justification is not present at the tournament, will be penalized by paying the appropriate fee specified in the current tariffs.

All players who do not respect these rules may be asked by the LRGC staff to abandon the course without any compensation and losing all contracted services. This is a unilateral decision taken by the direction of the golf course.

LGC can change any rule without prior notification. This is a web information only, If you have any questions please ask the staff.